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welcome written by Ethr, 2010-03-25 20:25 CET (1 comments)

Hello and welcome to the drnknmnkys cup!

-- Map Pool
Round 1: sp_delivery_te
Round 2: Aldernest
Round 3: Bremen_b3
Round 4: Radar
Final: Teams choose map each from Supply, Sw_Goldrush_TE, Radar, Adlernest, Bremen_b3, Sp_Delivery_TE. Played on ETTV.

-- Rules
All players must record demo's
Atleast one player from each team idle in #drnknmnkys
Check in 15mins before cup starts
Send scores to admins NOT public chat
PB is optional if both teams agree for it to be turned off

-- Times
Signups: 21:00cet - 22:15cet
Checkin: 22:15cet - 22:30cet
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